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Stored Product pests in Upstate South Carolina

Stored Product pests Biology

Remember when you saw that awesome deal at the grocery store for pasta noodles, or maybe it was even dog biscuits? You couldn't believe your luck, and after you patted yourself on the back and texted your spouse, you went ahead and bought like four boxes of the stuff? And then some time after, you started noticing little moths flying around your cupboards and the kitchen?

Congratulations-you have a stored product pest! Off-brand, store brand, expired and second-hand food products occasionally contain tiny little insects or insect eggs which tend to develop into moths or worms once you get them home. They can be tricky to locate, and a pest management professional may be needed to isolate exactly what is going on and where it is coming from.

Weevils, beetles, various worms, and Indian Meal Moths are all examples of some common stored product pests.

Stored Product pests Treatment

Whether residential or commercial, Expert Pest Control has the tools and the talent to get rid of these little critters! Our professional service technician will seek first to locate which product or box is the offender and remove it, then he or she may use a compressed-air sprayer or aerosol can to treat the area. Additional corrective sanitation recommendations may be made, and further trapping, monitoring, or baiting may be recommended.

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