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Mold, Fungus & Decay

Mold, fungus, and decay are all bad news if they are manifesting in your crawlspace or basement. All three of these are moisture related, and though there are differences between them, they all tend to contribute to structural damage to your home or business, as well as potential breathing problems for your family or customers.

Because fungus is a plant that has no cholorphyll, it cannot make food by itself-to obtain its sustenance it has to go to other materials (like wet wood!). Two major kinds of fungi can attack wood, namely Surface Molds and Rot Fungi.

In addition to weakening the wood itself, the moisture that grows molds, fungi, and decay can rust out ("oxidize") HVAC equipment in crawlspaces, as well as ruin insulation.

Moisture Control

Expert Pest Control has had excellent results with our Moisture Control efforts, which have been refined over 20 years of practical work drying out crawlspaces and basements all over Upstate South Carolina. We have many tried-and-tested tools and techniques with which we will help you to dry out those moist areas!

We have effectively used professional-grade dehumidifiers, as well as sump pumps and custom-designed drainage systems. Our comprehensive moisture team is ready to tackle your moisture problem!

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