Bundle and Save!

Bundle and Save on Pest Control Program

Guaranteed Results!

If you continue to have pest problems, we will return as needed for

No Additional Cost!

Professional Pest Management Program
Quarterly Pest Control for your home.
Featuring perimeter pest control
  • Guaranteed! Control of:
  • Ants,
    bees & wasps,
    mice & rats,
    Over 25 pests!
*$33 Monthly
Mosquito, Flea & Tick Service
Monthly Misting of all foliage and vegetation in your yard.
  • Guaranteed! Control of:
  • Mosquitos,
$65 Monthly
May-October Only
10% Discount on any 2nd Service
Fire Ant Service
Quarterly Fire Ant Control for your yard
  • Guaranteed! Control of:
  • Fire Ants
$99 per Quarter
$33 Monthly
10% Discount on any 2nd Service
Termite Protection
Sentricon Colony Elimination System
  • #1 brand in termite protection
Over 4,000,000 homes protected
Winner of presidential green chemistry award
Safe for people and pets
$1,000,000 damage guarantee against future damage
As low as $25.00 a month!
One Year Agreement
Preventative Bundling
Bundle Sentricon Colony Elimination System with our other services to save
Any Additonal service, Guaranteed (PPMP, Yard, or Fire Ant)
As low as $49.00 a month!

Any Additonal 2 Guaranteed! Services (PPMP, Yard, or Fire Ant)
As low as $74.00 a month!

Any Additonal 3 Guaranteed! Services (PPMP, Yard, and Fire Ant)
As low as $99.00 a month!

15% Discount on any three services Guaranteed! We will return to solve your infestation or we will refund our last charge.

May require additional installation or one time start up fee. Price may increase for homes over 3,000 square foot and yards over half an acre.

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