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Bed Bug Biology

Having risen in prominence over the last decade to become America's # 1 pest problem, Bedbugs are small, flat, reddish bugs that vaguely resemble ticks. In their younger molting forms, they can be clear, almost translucent. Bedbugs are excellent climbers and hitchhikers who can hide almost anywhere due to their flat bodies, and their exclusive food source is the blood of warm bodies of both humans and animals!

Their name itself can be misleading, as bedbugs do not confine themselves to beds! They migrate, hitchhike, climb, and travel to couches, book bags, suitcases, blankets, behind pictures on walls, behind headboards or baseboard trim pieces, upholsteried chairs, behind electrical outlet covers, basically anywhere!

Besides their great hiding and climbing abilities, bedbugs turn around a population fast! They have offspring very quickly and spread easily. They can reproduce very quickly and so in just a short amount of time, what started as a "small" infestation can reach epic proportions!

Bed Bug Treatment

With the possible exception of termites, no pest so greatly manifests an obvious need for professional help than the Bedbug! Homeowners and business owners often invest a lot of time and money in bedbug self-treatments with various and assorted methods (including throwing out expensive furniture and bedding pieces, and yet not resolving the infestation because it had spread already!) before throwing up their hands in frustration and contacting a professional. Remember, it is NOT a sign of weakness to get some help, and in the case of bedbugs, getting professional help is a sign of wisdom!

At Expert Pest Control, we bring many resources to bear on the bedbugs bothering your family or disrupting your business. We use a full battery of both chemical (insect growth regulators, neurotoxins, etc.) and non-chemical control methods (heat and steam, as well as mattress encasements) in our powerful assault on these little beasties! You may be asked to do some preparatory work before our visit-this will help us do the most thorough treatment for you.

Another advantage in contacting Expert Pest Control for Bedbug Elimination is that we treat the entire home, not just a room or two. This is because bedbugs migrate (move around) so easily, that an incomplete treatment will not yield the results you desire, the results you deserve.

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