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Tree Health & Bagworm Treatment in Upstate South Carolina

Tree Health - Helpful Information
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Bagworm Biology

Nothing destroys the pristine natural beauty of a Leland Cypress tree like seeing it covered with disgusting bagworms! Other affected tree types may be Spruce, Pine, Juniper, and other evergreen species. These little worms will over time kill a tree, and Expert Pest Control wants to help you in battling them! While there are hundreds of species of bagworm moths, we have ability to treat any and all of them that may be on your trees!

Bagworms are cousins to Butterflies and are sometimes called Case Moths.

Bagworm Treatment

As in Real Estate, the most important thing is "Location, Location, Location," the most important thing in Bagworms is "Prevention, Prevention, Prevention!"

Your trees will most benefit by being sprayed every June.

The reason that the timing of the treatment is so important is because of the life cycle of the Bagworm-you want to kill as many of them as you can before they go into their protective developmental cocoons.

Treatments later or earlier than June will still be of some help, but the prime time to do Bagworm treatments is in June. Please call us today to schedule your treatment!

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